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Mineral law services to protect your rights and interests

Whether you are mining coal or producing oil and gas or you own the mineral rights under a parcel of land , taking

the rights steps and being informed of your options can make or save you thousands of dollars and protect your interest not only now but many years down the road. Let Sam, with over 25 years of legal experience and an additional 8 years as a Iandman help you with all of mineral law issues or problems.

The Law Office of Samuel G. Beggs, PC can help you navigate the intricacies of mineral law.  Whether you own a mining , drilling or production company or you own mineral rights, we can help you protect and maximize your asset.

Thorough mineral law services for all purposes

Mineral production is a complicated and, at times , a risky business.  Many issues are at play and the addition of one sentence or the failure to address a single issue can cost the Company, or the Lessor, Lessee or Landowner thousands upon thousands of dollars. The firm has the experience and knowledge to advise and assist you in all areas of mineral law.


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