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Don't let accidents or personal injuries disable your life

An accident or a personal injury can occur to anyone without warning.  What most people don 't realize is that there many legal issues involved in such cases that can cost them if they fail to seek and obtain the right legal

assistance and advice.  If you have been injured, the Law Office of Samuel G. Beggs , PC can use its 25 years of practice experience to help you seek justice and get fair compensation for your injuries.

Sam Beggs and his staff will work with you to fight for your rights for a variety of accidents or personal injury cases, including:

Legal help for accidents and personal injuries

We completely understand the pain and suffering you are going through.  Sam and his staff will always lend a friendly and helpful hand to help you get through this difficult time.  Your consultation is FREE for personal injury, wrongful death and Worker's Compensation cases.


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Friendly, confidential and affordable legal help

Our extensive law services also include:

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  • Traffic accidents

  • Workplace injuries

  • Accidental or wrongful death

  • Workers' compensation

  • Personal injuries and injuries through negligence of others